This page contains a summary of the Erasmus+ project results. It is a specialised technical summary intended for reporting and monitoring purposes and usually not fit for direct use by the general public.


O1 Project data management – structure: LAMP stack data management system with Jasascript front-end
COMPLETED, testing web infrastructure created/extended and operational, project website built and operational

O2 Indexed resource links: Links to open education resources supporting schemes of learning
Status: COMPLETED, available from this website link

O3 Guidance for teachers/assessors: Guidance for teaching and assessing the Computing Curriculum from age 11 to 16
Download in: Bulgarian | Czech | Dutch | English | Slovenian | Spanish

O4 Project Handbook: A physical handbook with ISBN identificator
Download in: Bulgarian | Czech | Dutch | English | Slovenian | Spanish

O5 Data from testing pupils using online tests: Data sourced from student participation in online testing
Download in: English

O6 Document referencing the tests to EQF level 2: A short reference document for EQF level 2
Download in: Bulgarian | Czech | Dutch | English | Slovenian | Spanish

O7 Question database: Database of test questions (minimum of 500)
Status: COMPLETED. Database populated with the targeted number of questions, new tests are uploaded to the system and are operational, final translations of new questions/tests still need to be completed. Due to the nature of these materials, the partners have decided that they should not be made public in order not to compromise the validity of future testing rounds.

Multiplier events in partner countries

E1 United Kingdom: BETT International 2016 | COMPLETED
E2 United Kingdom: NAACE International IT Conference 2016 | COMPLETED
E3 Czech Republic (national event) | COMPLETED
E4 Bulgaria (national event) | COMPLETED
E5 Netherlands (national event) | COMPLETED
E6 Slovenia (national event) | COMPLETED
E7 Spain (national event) | COMPLETED

Learning and training activities

C1 Short-term joint staff training event: Tamworth, United Kingdom | COMPLETED
C2 Short-term joint staff training event: Sofia, Bulgaria | COMPLETED