Saturio Rodríguez Fernández


Saturio Rodriguez Telecommunications Engineer since 1986. Speciality in Telematics, Data Communications and Messaging systems.
He was Professor at Telecommunications Engineering School (UPM) and collaboration in European Research projects about X.400 Electronic Messaging.
He had some previous experience in EU projects, as Technical responsible of Asyncronous Communications subsystem in ECOLE project (European Collaborative Open Learning Environment, DELTA D2004).
Until 2009, Coordinator/tecnical manager of technical development, operation and delivery of Messaging and Housing/Hosting services at “Telefonica Soluciones”.
Currently, technical advisor in Jaitek, working on the aplication of ICT to education and training.
In this position, he is involved as coordinator in the ELFIE project: “E-learning in Vocational Training for the students having learning difficulties in inclusive education”, a project in the programme LEONARDO DA VINCI Partnerships, starting in 2013 and finishing the summer o 2015.
The main experience in this environment is with the customisation, deployment and support of Personal Learning Environments for different kind of customers, ranging from SMEs in the training and industrial sectors, to an important public University. These projects are mainly centered in Open Software platforms as Moodle and ELGG.